2-Step Marketing Basics

Written by James Maduk
May 24, 2007

Is 2-Step Marketing Dead?

Description: Is 2-Step Marketing Dead? Watch this video and learn how you might be selling your web site, your business and your career short by clinging to the idea that Web Marketing is all about 2-Step Marketing.

Finding and converting traffic into sales is supposed to be easy if you follow the time tested 2-step marketing approach – Right!. Then why is it that most marketers still struggle or have abandoned the approach altogether. (You can see blatant examples every day in your inbox when you’ve recieved an email from someone you don’t know asking you to buy something)

You know what I’m talking about. That’s 1-Step marketing at it’s worst. The marketer isn’t marketing, they’re playing the numbers game thinking that if they ask enough people to buy, a certain percentage will.If you are familiar with Direct Marketing techniques, you’ve been schooled on the process of getting the “shy yes”. This approach requires that you require the prospective customer to respond to you BEFORE you make an offer to them.

Today with so much online marketing communication its’ not enough to get a single response from your prospective customers.

This video shows you how I’ve approached a Continuous Step marketing approach to my business.

Perhaps you should too.

Duration: 11 Minutes

2-Step Marketing Basics

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