How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s tough when you’re just getting started. You read about the success stories. You copy articles that tell you exactly "WHAT" you should be doing to succeed on-line and yet it never seems that easy when you try to put all the pieces together. Running Time: 18 Minutes Description: It’s tough when you’re just getting

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A Simple Mistake Cost Me $1400

Duration: 15 Minutes Description: I just made a small mistake that cost me $1358! I just made a major mistake! A simple case of moving too fast and not testing, ruined a great offer for my subscribers and potentially cost me a recurring stream of income. I made a special offer to my list yesterday

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Hit em where they aint!

Duration: 10 Minutes Description: It’s a big change for the kids, but I’m sure it will be a Christmas to remember! How do I know they’ll remember this holiday season? Because as a family we are doing something completely different. Something so different and out of the ordinary they’ll never be able to forget. In

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Hillary Duff=Marketing Genius?

Hilary Duff Is A Marketing Genius Duration: 12 Minutes Description: My 9 year old daughter Kayla is driving me crazy because Hilary Duff is a Marketing Genius. Don’t believe it? – You better! Hilary Duff is marketing genius, or at least the handlers behind Hilary Duff are. If you are a student of "Niche Marketing"

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What Do You Really Need To Be Doing Online

Running Time: 24 Minutes Description: What really works online? Give me a clear path to follow, something without hype and flash, something I can trust. Tell me specifcally what I need to do today to start and build a real business online

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Increase Your Sales Conversions In 30 Seconds

How A Single Decision Can Dramatically Boost Your Online Conversions. Duration: 12 Minutes Description: Yes You Can Increase Your Sales With This 30 Second Fix! This has got to be the easiest fix you can make to any sales/order page process. Watch this video and learn how your potential customer has to go through a

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When To Use The Name Squeeze

When To Use The Name Squeeze Technique Duration: 10 Minutes Description: Have you seen this technique used on sales pages lately? Do you know what a "name squeeze" is and when it should be used? The "name squeeze" has to be one of them most irritating byproducts of list building to be invented. Deciding when

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Easy Ways To Ruin Your Google Rankings

Running Time: 10 Minutes Description: Want to get a get your Google Page Rank moved to zero and quickly decrease the number of qualified visitors that visit your sites? Then follow these easy steps. In my book "Get Ranked First On Google" I warned marketers who used the two tactics that I discuss in this

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Why You Need More Than One Web Site

Running Time: 15 Minutes Description: Why You Need More Than One Web Site. It’s the very first thing that I noticed about successful small business marketers – almost every single one of them had more than one web site. They were owners of multiple domains. I’m not talking about two sites or just a couple

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For Absolute Beginners – Where To Start

It’s still the number one question I get Asked! Where do I start? What should I do? If you’be asked those questions or perhaps your just someone who isn’t a technical wiz (and doesn’t want to become) this is a great PodCast for you to listen to. Running Time: 16 Minutes Description: I cover two

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