Hub And Spoke Marketing Revealed

I’ve never revealed this strategy before. Today I’m going to introduce you to the key to a successful internet business. It’s counter-intuitive! Definitely not what you’ve been told and certainly an Internet Marketing Secret That My Mom Never Told Me! Running Time: 15 Minutes Description: I’ve never revealed this strategy before. Today I’m going to

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Affiliate Math – Learning About Leverage

Stuck With No List – No Product and No Idea What To Do? Then this is the video for you. Running Time: 22 Minutes Description: I’m answering a common question today. How can I possibly get started when I have 2 people on my email list, no traffic and no product…. Here’s my answer! This

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The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make This Year

Running Time: 14 Minutes Description: With the help of two recognized experts (read Internet Marketing Guru) the brothers invested $30,000 over a 7 day period for a complete makeover of their existing business. The experts had a long and successful track record. After the work was done the Customers and Suppliers loved the new look.

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Quit Trying To Please Everyone!

Description: Yes you read the title of this rant correctly. Does enough of your market hate what you have to say? Personal rejection is a big problem for many small business owners, coaches, consultants, and speakers. Why? Because they end up trying to please everyone! The goal of your marketing should be to “polarize” your

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Stupid Membership Ideas

Description: This has got to be the worst idea for membership site owners! I got a lot of feedback from my first rant about membership sites – and the crappy membership sites that are heading our way. How do I know they’re coming? I got an offer today that confirms my suspicions. The business model

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Are Big Physical Home Study Kits Dead?

Description: Hopefully you’ll take this 10 minute audio seriously. I like looking for trends in business. Not to create them but rather profit from them. And that’s what got me started thinking today about the " thud factor". Often referred to as the back end product this big physical high profit, high price tag package

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