A Dirty Marketing Tactic

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A Dirty Marketing Tactic

This Marketing Tactic Really Bugs Me!

Every day I get at least one email from an information marketer how uses this dishonest approach in the hope that some unsuspecting prospect will buy from them today.

Stop Using This Marketing Tactic!

Running Time: 9 Minutes

Description: I’m not kidding when I say that this marketing tactic really bugs me. I personally get 1 -3 emails a day where the marketer is attempting to use this “False Pressure” tactic to hurry a purchase.

Creating urgency, real urgency in the mind of your prospect is pure science. In this quick podcast I go over the real way to that you can benefit from understanding how and why your potential customers will buy from you.


While every seller wants to have instant sales, there is a buying process that the prospect must go through before they are convinced. Putting pressure on clients from the outside has never been the way to create that buying compulsion.

In fact it’s the fastest way to create “buyers remorse”.

What most marketers don’t realize, and many experienced marketers fail to do is utilize inside pressure. Real reasons that the prospect already has – to make a decision today.

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