A Simple Mistake Cost Me $1400

Duration: 15 Minutes

Description: I just made a small mistake that cost me $1358!

I just made a major mistake! A simple case of moving too fast and not testing, ruined a great offer for my subscribers and potentially cost me a recurring stream of income.

I made a special offer to my list yesterday – a special paypal subscription button that provided a 24 hour trial "Premium Membership". The trial membership gives you complete access to all 1000 training sessions and the additional member benefits.

I was in a hurry to get the offer out so I didn’t test it thoroughly. I checked to see if I could accept payment – which I could – however I didn’t test to make sure what I was delivering made it to the customer.

The end result of this poorly executed idea was cancelled trial accounts, from new customers that had a bad first time purchase experience.

Watch the video now to get the details and see how you can benefit from my mistake. HINT – there’s a giveaway!

WPGrow.com Campus
WPGrow.com Campus
A Simple Mistake Cost Me $1400
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