Blogging Secrets Domain Name Renewal

What Was The Domain Name For Your First WordPress Blog?

Some people say they’ve been blogging a long time. They even brag about it.

If you ask them for some of their earlier blogs sites and posts 99% will struggle finding some kind of post even a couple of years old.

Why am I mentioning this? Because today is a bit of a special day, I just renewed a couple of domains but two stood out for me.

The first one is which I first registered in 2003 a week after WordPress was first released (May 27, 2003). The domain has been a Sales Page for my Blogging Secrets Course which has been continually updated and available at and

The second one is which contains all my persuasion and influence Sales Training  courses.  This domain was registered in 2002 if you can believe it!

When Did You Start Blogging?

I started off with hand coded HTML, moved to Microsoft FrontPage and then finally WordPress Blogs and LMS Plugins.

I started online with my first domain in 1996, (yes almost 20 years ago) and in the 13 years since I registered the 2 domains I renewed today a lot has happened.  I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of these changes, personally and with all the small businesses and entrepreneurs that I’ve hosted or taught Blogging too.   What’s really going to be interesting for me is to see the what changes in the next 20 years?

I’m betting the sites will change even faster BUT the persuasion and influence process will not.

Let’s see.


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