Closed Loop Blogging System

A Simple Closed Loop Blogging System

Duration: 22 Minute Screen Capture

Description: RSS and Blogs can be a blessing to your subscribers and a curse to your bottom line as a marketer. The reason is simple. A lazy marketer who relies on standard Blogging tools quickly realizes that it takes too much time to make interesting posts.

On the other hand if they don’t personally post they have lost control of the their most sacred asset. Their voice!

There is a simple fix though. A closed loop Blogging System that makes it quick and easy to post relevant posts to as many blogs as you want. In this example I’ve used the following free tools.

  1. LiveWriter – Free From the Microsoft Site
  2. Windows Essentials – Free From the Microsoft Site
  3. A WordPress Blog – FullContactSites Managed WordPress Hosting
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer – Free From Microsoft.

Start Blogging

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