LearnDassh Campus Blueprint Checklist
James Maduk

LearnDash Campus Blueprint Checklist

Getting your wordpress site setup the right way to sell courses can make or break your elearning campus or membership site. Done the wrong way at the wrong time means wasted time and even wasted money. In this checklist module I mention a number of plugins, themes and services like ActiveCampaign and Managed WordPress hosting.

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How To Build a Membership Site
James Maduk

WPGrow LearnDash Membership Site Tour

How To Get Around the Campus What’s covered: How the site and menus are organized You’re affiliate links for sharing the courses and community Courses you’ve registered for and the full Course Library You’re Community Profile Your Billing History and Download Links How To Get Support. .. plus much more.

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Membership Site Campus Checklist


Download our Membership Site Campus Checklist and Learn How To Build Your Membership Site and Sell Courses Online