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Your Courses and the Campus Course Library

25+ Courses and 500+ video tutorials are waiting inside!

You’ll learn how to use the course library and find the courses you are already taking.  Take multiple courses at the same time, earn badges, get certified and measure your achievements on the Leaderboard.

Courses are laid out in a consistent format with LearnDash and guide you to building the LearnDash Campus or Membership Site you want.

The Dashboard gives you Instant access to the complete library of courses.  With more than 25 courses published it can be hard to find the solution you need in the right course.  This  module makes it easy to use the Course links from the main dashboard.

If you’re a member with a full “Campus Pass you’ve got complete access to the entire library of courses, checklists, resources and tools.

Courses Button On Dashboard

Dashboard showing courses -

The Courses button displays all the courses available to you. the smaller “View my Courses” link in the Pick up where you left off section displays a list of ONLY the courses you are presently enrolled in. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enroll in other courses, it only shows the courses you are currently enrolled in.

You’ll also notice the courses that you are currently enrolled in display a percent completed so you know how far you are through each course.

A course shows up on this page only when you have started the course or are enrolled in the course. There may be other courses available to you – these are just the ones that you’ve start to take.

Couple of thing to note:

  • Clicking on the Course Title directs you to the course
  • The course progress displays the percentage of modules you have completed from the course
  • The orange circle will change when the course is completed.

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