Blog Content Ideas

Stuff To Write About

  1. Review books/products/films
  2. Issue comprehensive guide/tutorial
  3. Interview someone
  4. Post a cool infographic
  5. Rant – Criticize a website/blog or a person
  6. Blog about your secrets
  7. Write your take on inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes
  8. Share recent travel experiences
  9. Write down a conspiracy theory
  10. Show real comments or conversations
  11. Create Any Kind of List
  12. Log Your Random Thoughts
  13. Share Goals and Outcomes publicly
  14. Share responses you made on other sites and why
  15. Share Your favorite Blogs and Posts
  16. Reveal a  Case study
  17. Share your Business Goals and outcomes
  18. Bust A Myth
  19. Success or Failure Stories ( Personal)
  20. Biggest Regrets Post
  21. Rhetorical Question Posts
  22. Likes or Little Known Facts Post
  23. Picture that tells a 1000 Words Post
  24. important dates in history Post
  25. Your Live Lessons
  26. A Day In The Life Post
  27. Your Bad Habits Post – More Shocking The Better
  28. Your Take ON a Key Industry Topic
  29. Your Most Popular Posts – Post
  30. A What If Post
  31. Summarize Other Peoples Work Post
  32. A Future Plans Post
  33. A Common Mistakes Post
  34. A How I Started Post
  35. A Quickest Way Post
  36. A Q&A post
  37. A Ultimate Resources Post
  38. A Nostalgia – How Things have/haven’t Changed Post
  39. A I dare You Post
  40. A “Interesting industry Stats” post
  41. A “How I Helped My Client” post
  42. A “Shoutout” post to another person/blog and why
  43. A “Predict the Future” post
  44. Share a Worksheet/Checklist/Cheat Sheet Post
  45. Post experts answers to a single question and comment
  46. A “What I learned” post

Things To Do

  1. Run a contest
  2. Host a giveaway
  3. Create a do-follow or comment  challenge
  4. Invite Guest Posts
  5. Publish the best comments that your blog has received throughout the history
  6. Ask your readers to tweet, like, and share the posts they like
  7. Start a poll
  8. Create A Glossary Post
  9. A Develop a Quiz Post
  10. Tell Readers Who To Follow
  11.  Record a Skype call