Every WordPress Blog Gets Pretty Links

Written by James Maduk
January 24, 2015

Say Good Bye to Ugly WordPress Links

It’s official.  The upcoming 4.2 of WordPress will come with “Pretty Permalinks” enabled.  They won’t be the prettiest of links… but they’ll be much better than the default ?p=122333   stuff.

Automatic Set Up 

If the server supports it, WordPress 4.2 will enable the prettier permalinks at the time of installation. This means that in most cases you’ll never be greeted with ugly Blog URL’s again.  The install will cycle through a couple of available permalink formats, and if they all fail to work, WordPress will fall back to ugly permalinks.

Here’s the expected format: WordPress will set the following permalink structure using mod_rewrite or nginx rewriting: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

You can still change the links of course and probably should depending on the purpose of your WordPress Site and amount of content you intend to post.

SEO Considerations

Don’t forget to optimize your links for SEO.  If you haven’t yet there’s a great course on how to setup and configure WP-SEO plugin from Yoast here.  Today it takes more than great content to make you WordPress Blog standout fomr the competition on Google.   Only a tiny fraction of WordPress Bloggers spend any time trying to stand out from the crowded search results and using Pretty Permalinks the right way is a great start!

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