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  • James

    May 1, 2020 at 12:19 pm
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    LearnDash Course Price Types – And public Display settings.

    Free = Just open content on a website. No Registration required, all the content is open and can be indexed by google etc. The course will show up in the default public course grid.

    Registered = Course description page is open to the public by all course content requires the user to be logged in. As soon as they are logged in they have full access to the course. The course will show up in the default public course grid.

    Closed = The course will show up in the default public course grid BUT No one has access to the course unless. a) you manually enroll a logged in user in the course or b) they click on the URL that was set with the course “Closed” setting. This URL is usually to the shopping cart etc.

    If the course post type, (the standard wordpress publishing settings in top right corner) in all of these cases by default the course shows up to the every visitor or user in the course grid.

    In your case we setup the default Courses archive page to be a custom page that had a filter that ONLY showed the courses that had the course tag “public” So any of the other courses were kinda hidden.

    A user that found that open course to show up as taking the course they would still have to register/login and “Take This Course” to enroll. If they didn’t do that they would not be enrolled.

    The way to check and see who is enrolled in a course is to go to the user list and use the “Show All Courses” filter. You can always filter those users and manually remove them from any course you want. 🙂

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