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  • James

    September 7, 2021 at 3:53 pm
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    Here’s a couple of ways that I’ve used in the past. They take varying amounts of work and using them depends on the type of content you have and how the topics of the podcast information can be broken up.

    1. Create Blog Posts for each one. Use the snippet as part of a blog post and structure the written content that supports the audio to promote one of you own courses or an affiliate product or service that you recommend.

    2. Use the snippet as part of a case-study, story or example that you can apply based on the content in the audio

    3. Just transcribe the text of the snippet and use it as a blog post that includes the link to the snippet.

    4. Use snippets that are complementary form separate podcasts and create a course/minicourse

    5. Create infographics or processes from snippets to share as ‘x steps to…’ or ‘x best….’.

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