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    October 7, 2021 at 2:21 pm
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    When I refer to tags on a wordpress site I’m referring to the tags used in WPfusion and the CRM/Email marketing system that you use.

    This site uses ActiveCampaign connected to the WordPress site by WPfusion. The WPfusion plugin uses these tags that are associated with user on the site/in activecampaign to allow or stop access to content.

    So in your case you need to have a tag that is assigned to members that allows them free access to the site

    eg. MBR: Free

    The site would alow any user that is logged in access to the site contents if they had that tag MBR: Free. If they didn’t have it they would not be allowed access.

    Then you would have the CRM/ActiveCampaign create a automation that says if someone has that tag assigned to their user/subscriber account it should be removed 365 days after it was assigned.

    No tag = No Access

    The Automation in ActiveCampaign removes the users tag 365 days AFTER is was assigned. This approach also allows you to create additional automations that can promote a paid membership before the tag expires.

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