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    September 10, 2020 at 2:49 pm
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    I was recently asked about importing subscribers from MailChimp to a FunnelKits – ActiveCampaign Account. What’s the best way to do this?

  • James

    September 10, 2020 at 2:50 pm
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    Here’s what I replied:

    First checkout the ActiveCampaign Mastery course at: https://campus.wpgrow.com/courses/activecampaign-mastery/

    ​Ok … here goes. Big picture is that you want to import everyone into the Main list and use a generic tag like ” MC:Import” so that you know all of the subscribers from MC AND create any additional tags in AC that you can use to identify those imported subscribers from MC to segment them.

    ​I would import them all and work backwards. Get them in your main list and then create a specific automation to reengage them.

    ​Create Your Lists In AC
    ​Setup 2 maybe a 3rd

    • ​​Main
    • ​Leads

    Optional Example: Customers

    Create ALL Your Tags in AC First
    It’s really important to figure out how you are going to use tags in AC before you import. I’m referring to all your tags not just for importing the MC subscribers.

    ​I would include a set of tags to use in AC that you can use to represent the different MailChimp Segments. Note – The tags you create in AC should be follow standards. For example I use tags that start with LM: for tags that I use with Lead Magnets CUST: for customers, C: For courses. These standards allow you to keep them organized as you continue to add them over time. .

    ​You might want to create a MC: group of tags for your imports. Give every MC subscriber a “MC: Import” tag and then a additional separate tag for the each segment they may be in.

    ​Export MC subscribers
    I would export your MC subscribers – a csv or xls file. Export a single export for each individual segment. (unless you can export them in groups that will allow you to use a excel to add the right segment TAGs)

    Import MC Subscribers
    ​​import each MC list into the MAIN list of AC. Every imported subscriber should have the main MC: Import tag. During this process you’ll also be able to assign the AC tags you created.to identify that MC segment.

    The import process allows you to map fields ( create new fields first in AC if they are missing ). You can add the tags you need and select the option to update existing subscribers during the import. ​

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