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Find The Right Images for Your Courses and Training Site

Finding images for your site can be hard… that’s why i put together a quick list I found with a bunch of sites that provide free images or at least access to images with some restrictions.   Not all of them are generic.. there’s one for food, another that focuses on business and work spaces.

So visit them all and find the one that you can use to add great stock images to your WordPress site

Large selection of various kinds of photo submission with the help of download tracking system you can also see the most downloaded images, and be updated with the latest images available.

Free photos from different photographers available for grabs and do whatever you want with each photo with a large bucket of categories with the ability to follow your favorite photographers.

Burst (by Shopify)
Powered by Spotify this great stock photos will make your business online instantly astonishing for visual presentation needs to deliver your message through these thousands of photos available.

The great things about this stock photo site are the ability to support your favorite photographers by donating, not just to GET your needed images but also “SHARE Your Best Photos!”. Plus you can get a Prize from the Photo Challenge or even search the library using “Photos by Color” filter.

Over 1 Million downloads, why is that? Because this amazing site is not just for the chefs or culinary geeks but for ALL the food lovers, it is a worldwide community for food!

This project was created with love by Ryan McGuire, there are always great photos you can find that will suites your needs.

Negative Space
You will learn how to communicate through these various photos that will show the “Negative Space”, learning where to focus, there’s always something you would want to have!

You can find various photos from different tags. Credits are not necessary but are always appreciated.

From Dave Meier and other photographers you will find great photos to use for your next project.

Photos of offices, businesses, workspaces, and a lot of other categories to choose from Jeffrey Betts photos who loves taking great photographies since 2014 and shares to the world.

For your next blog posts, find your featured images from the great library of best photos, who started from the Netherlands and now dominating the different corners of the world.

Life of Pix
LEEROY Digital Agency in Montreal & its network of photographers gathered to have this cool stock photo site plus you get to see and be thrilled with the weekly chosen Photographer! Discover the Collections NOW!

Little Visuals
Owner of the site has passed away but left us with amzing photos to admire and get inspired with!

Death to Stock Photos
Brings out a variety of options that are something real, simple, unique! You can have it straight to your inbox and unpack amazing photos for your next featured posts!

Photos are totally free from various categories well packed together and made with love to level up your next project!

IM Free
This stock photo site gives you the vast dose of images from lifestyles, recreation, ambient and more! Dive right into it and you’ll find your next great photo to add to your website and make things simple with the aid of these photos.

New Old Stock
Recapture the beauty and genuity of these vintage photos!

Safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes. Not just photos but varies from vector images, illustrations and even videos.

Jay Mantri
When you want something awesome photos, Jay Mantri posts will help you with that!

Kaboom Pics
The photograph composition as well as the angles are perfect for websites and will boost creativity at its peak.

Original photography by DARIA and its free to use. from aerial to nature to a lot more lovely locations, you can have the best photo ever!

No royalties, no fees, no worries. You can even have them straight to your inbox!

Free feminine stock photography for every woman and also beautifully styled for your next project.

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