Giveaway Events: For Best Results, Make it Easy on Your Partners

Entrepreneurs are busy people. They’ve got staff to manage, ads to monitor, products to create, and family to take care of.

So while your giveaway extravaganza is important to her (after all, it will build her list, too) it’s probably not a top priority when it comes to promotion.

As the giveaway organizer, it’s your job to make her job easy, and you can do that by creating a swipe file and graphics they can use for promotion. These cut-and-paste documents will allow her to quickly get the word out, so she can get back to work.

At a minimum, you’ll want to include:

  • Social media graphics. Professionally designed graphics in appropriate sizes are a must have.
  • Email copy. Create at least two or three versions so she’ll have plenty of copy available to her.
  • Social media updates. Tweets and Facebook updates are easy to schedule ahead of time. Be sure to include her link right in the updates.
  • Promotional calendar. Make sure all your participants know the event dates and when they’re expected to mail or post on social media.

Ideally, you’ll want to put all your materials together in a single welcome packet and send it off as soon as your guests confirm they’ll be participating. But don’t stop there. You’ll also want to:

  • Follow up. Emails get lost and we get busy. Remember to follow up with your guests to be sure they’ve received your welcome packet and to ask if they have any questions. This is a great job for your VA to handle!
  • Send reminder emails. If you expect your guests to promote on a specific day, be sure to remind them one week in advance, and again one day in advance. Include the swipe file right in the body of your reminder email.

When you make it easy for your guests to promote you, you’ll have a much more successful (and far less stressful) event. Your mailing list will grow, your partners will appreciate the work you’ve put into growing their lists, and everyone will benefit.

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