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Teaching online can be overwhelming! We make it simple. Complicated tools that eat up your time. Frustrating trial and error that costs you money. Unclear Results. It doesn’t have to be that way. The TrainingSite Academy believes every education business deserves a great training site.

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The WPGrow Academy Teaches You How To Start, Build & Grow Your Own Education Business



If you have an existing course or just an idea for one, you'll learn how easy it is create profitable courses just by capturing "Digital Exhaust".



Your training site runs on WordPress. Use the Campus Blueprint Checklists and discover the best tools and services to use for your unique business.



The Campus Blueprint includes a step-by-step guide to marketing your training site. Just follow the steps to more students and more profits

Your Ideas Turned Into Courses + Engaged Students In Your LearnDash Training Site

Showcase your expertise, transfer those skills to your students skills to improve their results. When you build a LearnDash training site with the help of our experts, you can take control and grow your business the way you want to.


Campus Planning

We help you discover the training site best suited to your unique goals and situation. We're here to guide your through all the membership site options.


Campus Building

We build your Campus using WordPress on your new or existing WordPress site integrated with the tools you are already using.


Creating Courses

Create unlimited courses lessons and lesson topics with any WordPress media type for your training. No software or setup required.


Gamification - Certificates

Insert quiz questions at any point in your course using the built in quiz formats and recognize progress with badges and certifications.


Building Community

Take your training site to the next level with advanced community features. Member profiles, groups, networking, Instant messaging ensure always engaged learners.


Whether you’ve been in business for year or a just starting to sell your first course, you need to impress your customers and attract new ones, all at the same time. you need to deliver engaging content delivered in a unique environment that’s easy to use. If you’re just selling a course, your getting left behind.


A learning campus is your secret weapon: The Campus Blueprint includes proven engagement strategies that keep your students long term customers.  Create the training environment you need. Learn how Gamification strategy, planning and design gives you the strategic advantage? We can do it all for you.


Complicated tools that eat up your time. Frustrating trial and error that costs you money. Unclear Results. It doesn’t have to be that way. The Training Site Academy Campus Blueprint makes it easy to build a thriving profitable education business.

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The 8 step proven roadmap guides you from idea to Learning Campus. Everything you need is included. Follow the steps and you'll be selling courses online in no time at all.

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A Complete Library of Courses

30+ courses with 750 video tutorials covering every aspect of starting, building and growing your membership or training site​


Live Weekly Q&A Call In Times

Weekly "Ask Me Anything" call in times. Get answers to your questions from our team of membership site & training site experts​


Memberships Training Blueprints

Follow our Blueprint with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of starting, building and growing a profitable membership site.


Exclusive Tools & Resources

Access to our preferred marketplace and exclusive partner discounts from recommended vendors tools and services​


Interactive Online Community

Unlock exclusive access to the community director. Create your online profile and Interact with other members directly or in our live forums. ​


Checklists & Cheatsheets Included

Access to our preferred marketplace and exclusive partner discounts from recommended vendors tools and services


Our Training Site Academy Members Say....

Having Your Team Managing All My Sites Behind The Scenes Give me The Time and Confidence and Freedom To Spend Time Building My Business and Making Sales

I was stunned. I was again reminded of how little I know about WordPress marketing. James is a Training Site Master— His Blogging Secrets are a real eye-opener.

I finally found that guidance and coaching with James Maduk and TrainingSite.io James' depth of knowledge and ability to explain things understandably is exceptional. The weekly calls are well worth the 1-hour to get on, ask questions, or listen to other community members.

Hi, my name is David Frey and I’m the author of the Small Business Marketing Bible. I don’t usually endorse other people’s products, but in this case I’m making an exception because James has created a very unique program that I think every educational marketer should consider…

30 Detailed In-Depth Courses

Covering all the essential strategies, tools and processes.

Our Training Library contains more that just the CAMPUS Blueprint course. When you want to take your business to the next level select from the library of courses.  From business models and pricing strategies to gamifcation and community building.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can setup your Training Site on any existing or new hosted WordPress site. Any reputable WordPress hosting vendor is fine your Training Site doesn’t require special requirements. If you want we can also host your TrainingSite with our WordPressHelp.io service.

Sure! We cover 10+ unique business models which include payment options for your customers. Step by step instructions, case study’d and action maps give you all the information you need to plan, configure and implement the payment model that best compliments your business goals.

Sure, if you already have marketing site that’s fine, keep it the way it is and use your TrainingSite to compliment your existing online marketing. It’s ready to start selling your courses, just add your content and keep the marketing on your existing site.

The bare minimum to get started is the Standard “PayPal” or “Stripe” account. If you already have an existing payment system setup and working on any site on of your business we’ll show you some great options for integrating the two.  Let us know what payment gateways you are currently using we’ll show you how.

There’s no right or wrong way to create a course.If you haven’t yet created or organized existing information you have into course modules, we’ll help you:

  • Transform your digital exhaust or eexisting face-to-face or distance learning material into a world-class online course.
  • Planning, designing and developing accredited and unaccredited courses and degrees
  • Training academics and teaching staff to design and facilitate online or blended courses

No not at all.  All that’s needed is capturing your experiences, organizing content and delivering it in a simple way for members to consume it.  If you’re a subject matter expert and passionate about sharing a training site is a great way to educate online.

No not at all. Any type of content you have that can be delivered online is fine. It doesn’t even have to be your content.  Any learning material, applications, text graphics, audio, video can be uses.   

Yes your elearning site can include all sorts of community features, including things like:

  • Student Directory
  • Groups,
  • Discussions
  • Public member profiles
  • Private and Group messaging
  • Course/Lesson assignments, quizzes
  • Games, Badges, Award
  • Course Certifcations

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