LMS Training Sites and Online Course Question and Answer Webinar May 8 2019

Written by James Maduk
May 8, 2019

We just added our Weekly Open Webinar to the Open Office Course. Make sure to login and listen and watch this training video.

Melody and I had a great conversation today.  55 minutes of Learning Campus – Training Site tips and tricks.  The questions started with a focus on LearnDash, but we also covered some great course content ideas.

We recommend the LearnDash LMS Plugin as the preferred tool for delivering your online courses.  If you are using the LifterLMS plugin instead the same ideas can be applied. When the call started I wasn’t sharing the screen so the first 15 minutes or so are audio only –  I added an image to replace the black background.  The 45 minutes that followed included live screen captures that answered questions.

Items Covered Include:

  • Which Camtasia Versions to use for Course Content Creation
  • Additional capture tools that make courses easy to create
  • How to setup Camtasia Templates for your courses
  • Different course types
  • How to schedule course content to support how you are going to market your course.
  • How to use assignments as a way to control lesson access


Built For Your Training Sites

Find out you you can have YOUR Campus up and running is in just a day! 




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