Make Your WordPress Site Phone Call Capable

Written by James Maduk
January 24, 2015

Talk to the Business You’re Visiting Online

Ever wanted to reach out and actually talk to the people behind the web site your on?

Here’s what we’ve done to make that possible.

You can talk to us directly from our Unlimited WordPress Support web site.  We’ve added a “click to call” feature to the sidebar on the WordPress Support Blog.  Click it and you’ll be directly connected to us by phone!  Of course if you actually want to talk to us you’ll still need speakers and microphone active on your computer for the call to work :-).

Small Businesses have 2 Choices when it comes to adding a “Virtual PBX” to their business.

We use MightyCall, the other one that you might have heard of is GrassHopper.

Heres’ some details on the MightyCall ClickConnect service that we’re using.

The system is an easy way to add instant click-to-call capabilities to your website, ecommerce store or blog. Visitors simply click a button and a web-dialer opens and immediately calls your pre-programmed phone number.  We’ve added it because we don’t want to lose the opportunity to help you with your WordPress Support and it only took about a minute to setup.

All it takes is one click.  Visit and try it out for yourself.

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