Rank 1st For Local Searches

If you only want local traffic you can still get it from google. You just need to set your site up a little differently. Watch…

Spoon Feed Google

Google Wants to know what’s happening on your site and even gives you the way to tell them. See how here

Advanced Site Mesh Topics

A little more technical stuff for serious SEO buffs. Google changes mean marketers with many sites will have to adapt. Here’s how…

The Right Reason To Rank

Why bother putting all the effort into ranking first on google? What does it really get you? Watch this session for some hidden benefits

After The Dance Stops

So google danced, now what. Find out what you should take from the changes and google

Watch The Google Dance

Step into the future to see what Google has planned for you. The google dance and resources I have included will show you exactly what…

Tempted by Quick Fixes

I know it’s tempting to try tricks with black hat magic in your attempt to get great google traffic. But remember that short-term pain of…

Create A Theme Map

Unlike a sitemap, your theme map links together google gates. Learn how important this step is.

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