Coaching program set up

asked 2 years ago

Stephanie Stanfield: What do you suggest for setting up coaching programs? There will be a one hour session that will be pretty generic. Then, I will offer the opportunity for stress management coaching for headache, insomnia or, if needed, the COHMI program. These will have multiple sessions that will coach the client at their speed with information that is unique to them but a basic template.
The one hour session will be $97. the other programs will have fees based on program duration.

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James MadukJames Maduk answered 2 years ago

Selling something – like your time = sales page.   Setup a thrive theme sales page, use the template and then edit to suite what it is you’re selling.   Should be single focus offier with signup – show me the money now first.   Have the coaching time organized after you’ve got the monetary commitment.

James MadukJames Maduk replied 2 years ago

Just add the Coaching as a “Download” in EasyDigital Downloads. you can even set it up as service in Easy Digital Downloads.

drsteph replied 2 years ago

Thank you. I have to see what you suggest for the coaching program download!