How To Bundle, Display and Break Down Courses

Becky Harmonbecky harmon asked 4 months ago

I am working on breaking down my Leadership team into 8 week separate courses ( I should have 5 as of now)
I am currently working on my foundational course and I have named it Out of the Wilderness. I will just make this a template for all my courses when I am finished and copy it.
Question? Can I list just 8 courses on this sales page with a course picture in the box, the title and a short explanation. As in one or two sentences. If so, can you get me the size (today if you have time) so I can create individual pictures to make it pop? Maybe I can just use 8 blocks of pics and title instead of the actual courses as I will be changing the old lessons to what I have explained.
When I finish with this page, I will just need it polished up and a page for buy now button. I will want two options for buying. One for the purchase of the course and another box for purchase + additional personal coaching for this course.
What’s the best way to set this up.

1 Answers
James MadukJames Maduk answered 4 months ago

The default names in Learndash are   Course | Lesson | Topic.   Are you using those?   When you say 8 courses do you mean 8 courses or does the course of 8 Lessons?
The LearnDash Course grid can be setup to display a list of “Courses”   with or without images, descriptions, a progress bar or a featured video instead of the featured image. 
That list can also be organized into cols. 
That list can also be displayed based on the category, tags or enrollment.
So the first thing to know is are you talking about courses or lessons?