Is an add-on site library worth it?

Herb Wrawlinghrawling asked 3 months ago

As recommended, I’ve installed the GeneratePress theme and the Elemenator page builder.
As far as I can tell, neither product has any templates available with their free versions. I thought I would use a template; the idea being to simply pick a template that I like and swap out pictures and text vs. wasting a lot of time designing my site from scratch. (Caveat: maybe the free versions do have some templates available, and I just missed them.)

Both GeneratePress and Elemenator have a “pro” version for around $49 that come with a template library.
Any recommendation on which template library would be the better choice?

James MadukJames Maduk replied 3 months ago

Elementor comes with free templates and widgets ( sliders, Titles, info boxes etc. ) The pro version has enhanced/more variations of templates. The Site templates from GeneratePress has 3 categories.

No page builder

This site is the Pivot theme from it’s a BeaverBuilder template but we actually redid it with elementor.

I”m working on a course for this as well It’s not done but quite yet… so keep asking questions and I’ll make sure to include lessons on it.

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James MadukJames Maduk answered 3 months ago

Both BeaverBuilder and Elementor include templates. Some of these are with the free versions some are with the pro version.  They include sections or Widgets that can be added to a page, an example is a FAQ section or a Team Members’ section. 
Both also include complete page templates.  A contact page a faq page a landing page a home page etc.
They may not be activate if you just installed the plugins.  Make sure to visit the settings for the visual builder you selected and first activate:

  1. the page types you want the builder to be active on
  2. the widget/section types you want to be active
  3. the page templates you want installed are installed

All of these are in the settings for both BeaverBuilder ( shows up as page builder in settings) and the elementor menu settings.