Is it better to use FB ads or Google Ads when running a FB challenge?

StephanieStephanie asked 4 months ago
James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

That’s a great question…

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Melody JacksonMelody answered 4 months ago

Definitely start with Facebook. It’s much cheaper and you can be waaaaayyyy more targeted.  The “audience” creation function on Facebook is the most incredible marketing tool in existence!

Stephaniedrsteph replied 4 months ago

Great, thank you so much. I started with Google Ads and now realize it should have been FB ads. Fortunately my ad spend so far hasn’t been too much.

Melody JacksonMelody answered 4 months ago

A little more info…. FB Ads are much more image oriented and they have very specific guidelines on how much text you can have on it, so you should check that out first.
Secondly, I would highly, highly recommend to have at least ONE variation running as a split test.  So you have your main ad and then just alter one simple thing about it so you can split-test which is more effective. Tell FB NOT to pick the winner but let you do that so you can have more data. 
The most important thing is to see not only which one gets the CLICK-THRU but ALSO, which one gets the optins.
You should put a “Facebook Pixel” on the thank you page after they optin. This enables FB to track the success rate.
I know that’s a TON of info…. and it may not make sense…. but you can look up each item to understand the full process.  If you do these few things, you’ll be pretty well setup to optimize your ad.
At the very minimum, make sure you have a MAIN AD (the control piece) and one that’s slightly different. Tell FB to run them equally until you get about 20 to 25 CLICK-THRUS and see if there’s a definitive winner. If not, then let them run more.
That’s it for now!

Stephaniedrsteph replied 4 months ago

Thank you so much for this detailed information. I will do this exactly as you suggest. I ran a FB ad campaign program several years ago so some of this makes sense. I am just not sure how to add the FB pixel…

Melody JacksonMelody answered 4 months ago

There’s a Facebook Pixel Plugin that can guide you to add it.  
OR… you can look up how to get the code on Facebook, then add it to your header inside WordPress.

James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

Open a support ticket if you have code or a plugin that needs to be installed. Thanks Melody.. Are there any image sizes, formats that you recommend?

What happens when the subscriber clicks? Is it a sales page? A lead Page? Any suggestions on the best place to send clicks?

Melody JacksonMelody replied 4 months ago

I have used 600×600 which I think is the smallest. A super critical thing is to make sure there is limited text. When you’re logged, look up the facebook grid tool.

Definitely send them to an OPTIN page… then make sure you are tracking the FB Pixel on the “thank you page.”

And ALWAYS… be split-testing…. with one simple change…. Like ONE WORD. Or one COLOR. Or ONE font…. Or ONE b.g. image…..