Manual Payment on EDD and adding a customer

Melody JacksonMelody asked 4 months ago

Can I add a new order to Easy Digital Downloads at $0 cost, so I can add a customer to a product that I took manual payment for?

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James MadukJames Maduk answered 4 months ago

Manually adding a new payment you have the option to edit the default pricing.  A good example of why you might want to do this is when you give a new member/student complementary access to a course that includes download files that are part of the course and purchase.
Adding the course purchase by the manual EDD add payment means that:

  • The EDD – LearnDash integration will automatically enroll the user in the course being purchased.
  • The correct onboarding emails are sent.
  • The same on boarding process is applied
  • The purchase of the course shows up in the new users “Purchase History” at 0$.
  • Any download files that were included with the EDD download are available to the Purchase

When you are adding the new purchase you have the option of attaching an existing WordPress user to the manual sale.  If the new user is not a WordPress user make sure to add the correct user details and associate with the sale.  
My 2 cents 🙂

Melody JacksonMelody answered 4 months ago

Excellent, thank you!!!