Test Out of Modules / Courses — An Idea (not a question)

Melody JacksonMelody asked 4 months ago

James, I had an idea…. We’ve talked before about whether to make lessons/topics required before students move on or to let them pick and choose. I can see both sides of the argument for which is better. 
My idea is that for some clients, who are advanced users and on a lot of your courses where we want to cherry-pick certain lessons, maybe you could have it where we Request to “TEST OUT” on the basics and then immediately get access to the whole course. It can also be gamified…. Maybe one is to “TEST OUT” of the “pre-reqs” or earlier lessons and another one is a Test at the end – not just to get the certification for completing it — but to actually get some other award showing that we have excelled at learning it.
My main thing has to do with being able to qualify to cherry pick certain lessons in certain courses…. We talked about it with Vimeo before and I’m not sure how it is now…. but it could add to the FUN!!!!!
So this