Test Out of Modules / Courses — An Idea (not a question)

Melody JacksonMelody asked 4 months ago

James, I had an idea…. We’ve talked before about whether to make lessons/topics required before students move on or to let them pick and choose. I can see both sides of the argument for which is better. 
My idea is that for some clients, who are advanced users and on a lot of your courses where we want to cherry-pick certain lessons, maybe you could have it where we Request to “TEST OUT” on the basics and then immediately get access to the whole course. It can also be gamified…. Maybe one is to “TEST OUT” of the “pre-reqs” or earlier lessons and another one is a Test at the end – not just to get the certification for completing it — but to actually get some other award showing that we have excelled at learning it.
My main thing has to do with being able to qualify to cherry pick certain lessons in certain courses…. We talked about it with Vimeo before and I’m not sure how it is now…. but it could add to the FUN!!!!!
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James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

It kinda can be done but it requires some additional plugins and ways to protect the courses. These solutions use “Tags” to protect the content and hook to CRM software like ActiveCampaign ( Our funnelkits.com) Anothe example with ActiveCampaign is Some examples are with https://wpfusion.com – Which is working on this site – and https://activemember360.com/ which I tested

These protect WordPress content based on what tags the user has associated with their contact record in ActiveCampaign.. So instead of LearnDash controlling access to each course using the EDD/Woo addons, WpFusion and Activemember control the access.

WPfusion is the one I picked because it works alongside EDD/Woo carts. If they buy something in the cart a tag is added to users record in ActiveCampaign. and the wpfusion plugin on WordPress can protect any part or parts of the site based on the tag.

An example setup would be if they have a tag “LearnDash Course”. They get access to the entire course right away. If they only have the tag “LearnDash Course Lesson1” they only get that one lesson. Because ActiveCampaign has automations, you could then setup an automation to add a new tag for each lesson a day apart for that user.

This is doable but it changes your entire business model and the stack of tools required to do it.
If you want I can

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Melody JacksonMelody answered 4 months ago

WOW!  I had no idea it was that involved…. It was just an idea…. not necessary…. definitely too involved. Thank you.

James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

They other thing to consider might be making those advanced users “Ambassadors” or Group leaders. They’d still have to go through the course but as a group leader you can give them special admin access to a group of students to mentor/ assist/ market / quiz a group of students. Groups are built in to LearnDash so that can be easily done.

Really depends on how complex or involved the courses that you are giving are.