What's the Best Way to Create a Course Featured Image?

James MadukJames Maduk asked 4 months ago

Any suggestions on the best size for course featured images?   Anyone using any sites or tools to do this?  Any great images to use?

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James MadukJames Maduk answered 4 months ago

Featured Images Sizes for Courses are best set to work with the theme you are using. LearnDash just taps into what the theme defines as the best featured image size.
ON this site we use https://wpgrow.com/recommends/snappa  to create all our featured images.  The same size template is used for every featured image so the courses and course grid always display consistently.
The reason I use snappa is that the templates they include all have the required sizes for all the social media, advertising blog headers etc.
This site https://wpgrow.com/tutorials/  uses the snappa Blogheader template which is 1200X600 

James MadukJames Maduk replied 3 months ago

It can always be done with a graphics editor as well. There’s an open source photoshop program called GIMP that is very powerful… and harder to use. The graphics editor in Windows 10 and on you MAC are also able to do the job.

The reason I always come back to Snappa is that it includes a ton of templates AND stock photos’ to use. https://wpgrow.com/recommends/snappa