Where are the course landing pages?

Becky Harmonbecky harmon asked 4 months ago

I see on your video’s that you have landing pages with the courses set up and buy now buttons. I need that! Where can i find that in the Learn Dash area or is that a whole separate template I need for my site?

Becky Harmonbecky harmon replied 4 months ago

Okay so I am guessing this when you create the course, for example out of the wilderness, it automatically becomes the landing page?

James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

When you create a course, that main course title, featured image, body copy etc. becomes the sales page. The “Take This Course” button shows up BASED on how you selected the options in the LearnDash “Course Price Type” field

There are 5 choices there:
Open | Closed | Free | Buy Now | Recurring

Open = No Button
Free = Button that goes to default WordPress login/register page
Buy Now = Button that Goes to LearnDash checkout
Recurring = Button that Goes to LearnDash Checkout

Closed = No Button

When you set closed you have to add your own button with whatever link you want. Eg. are the WooCommerce and EasyDigitialDownloads Buy Now URL’s which would be added to the “Custom Field URL”

So if you are going to use “Closed” you have to make sure that you add a way for people to buy – you have to add a Custom Button URL. When you do… The LearnDash button shows up

Becky Harmonbecky harmon replied 4 months ago

Yes, that was on the video I watched. (Which was very insightful. It’s amazing how training actually helps you learn LOL)

Now, assuming in my Learn dash check out, it’s actually attached to Stripe? Thanks for the details!