Which Customizer Is Best?

Curt FreemanCurt Freeman asked 4 months ago

Any thoughts on which plugin I should use for styling LearnDash, Design Upgrade Pro by Escape Creative or LearnDash Visual Customizer by Snap Orbital?

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James MadukJames Maduk answered 4 months ago

I’ve seen both the DesignCreative and SnapOrbital plugin but have not used them.  My understanding is that they are both specific to LearnDash not a builder that can be used on the entire site.
IMHO –  I’m a fan of Elementor and Beaver Builder since they can be used with the entire site not just LearnDash. They also include complete site templates https://wpblogsupport.com/templates has examples, and both allow the use of the LearnDash shortcodes in their designs
So for templates we recommend and use both GeneratePress and WPAstra with those 2 visual page builders.  
A couple additional WPAstra tools to consider are: 
https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-template-learndash/  which lets you create LearnDash sales pages.  These can be used to replace the default course landing page.

Curt FreemanCurt Freeman replied 4 months ago

Thanks James, I’m using Beaver Builder on Generate Press. Not much choice for designing LearnDash with that combo. I’ve decided to use Design Upgrade Pro has a lot a great features for design and styling.

James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

No not with Beaver. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with BB. Elementor seems to have the momentum now and appears to be more receptive to marketers with the integrations and addons they are releasing.

Even some of the 3rd party vendors like the crew at brainstormforce.com ( wpastra, convertPro, Ultimate Addons) are bringing out more Elementor addons and themes. WooCommerce and LearnDash are 2 recent examples.

It will be interesting to see.

James MadukJames Maduk replied 4 months ago

Include some links if you have some that are public…

Sidenote: Elementor just announced support for Gutenberg blocks as well.