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WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 68

Can Mattel and A Doll Company Get It Right? Time Magazine profiles a doll company that does it right. Find out how 3 simple steps make it easy to succeed in a crowed market. Better yet, find out how they did it without advertising the “big company” way.

WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 67

The Return Of The Contest! Contests have always been a part of marketing. Used correctly a well-thought-out contest can provide any size of company with a steady stream of qualified prospects. ONLINE AND OFFLINE! I’d like you to re-consider a contest as part of your marketing mix – but for a different reason than you …

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WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 65

I’m ranting about online and offline marketing again this week. Why? Because it amazes me how some marketers can talk about the difference between online and offline marketing as something new! Business is business – online or offline. Your customers are your customers, no matter how you get your message across to them or how …

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WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 64

Online or Offline Marketing – which is better? Does it really matter? Secret 64 introduces you to the offline marketing for online marketers.

WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 63

Hello, A true story for this secret. I started adding video to my secrets last week and then I saw a restaurant close for the 5th time in as many years. Was there a lesson there? You Bet! Find out what is was in

WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 60

Hello, I recently attended a speakers conference. The room was filled with professional speakers, coaches and consultants. I was absolutely shocked when I found out that.. Some professionals and small business owners don’t have a website yet! I’m not kidding when I say that I was shocked. I’ve been registering a domain, creating a web …

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WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 59

Hello, Twice a day! That’s how many times I get asked about this next secret. I may have covered it before but because I’m still getting asked about it, I’ve created a little refresher.

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