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"I was stunned. I was again reminded of how little I know about WordPress marketing. James is a WordPress Blogging Master— His Blogging Secrets are a real eye-opener."
Joe Vitale
Mr. Fire
"Hi, my name is David Frey and I’m the author of the Small Business Marketing Bible. I don’t usually endorse other people’s products, but in this case, I’m making an exception because James has created a very unique program that I think every internet marketer should consider."
David Frey
"Having Your Team Managing All My Sites Behind The Scenes Gives Me the Time and Confidence and Freedom To Spend Time Building My Business and Making Sales."
Steve Rosenbaum
Author, Back End Blueprint

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Although we’ve grown, one thing remains constant: we believe in treating every small business owner the way we’ed like to be treated. That means doing the right things to help you start, build and grow your business online. Everything you need is here, look around the site and resources we’ve put together. Find out more about the easy to use tools and step-by-step education available to everyone who wants to get started online.

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