Should You Buy Or Rent Information

Written by James Maduk
May 24, 2007

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: Have you ever thought about using information instead of buying information? You should it can save you a ton of money.

Whether it’s a lease, rent to own or a straightforward purchase, one thing is for certain – INFORMATION IS MEANT TO BE CONSUMED – not hoarded!

Think about the last information purchase that you made. I’m betting that you paid to own the information. You bought the physical book. You downloaded the ebook and then printed it out. You waited for the DVD or CD package to arrive at your door.

Then you read, watched or listened to the information…. once, maybe twice, and then you put that physical product that you paid full price for on a shelf for use sometime in the future.

Most people don’t even consume the entire bundle of information that they’ve purchased, they just consume the parts they need.

When they need it!

The customer is always right. As a business owner you have to decide how you are going to distribute the information you have in a way that they want to consume it. For instance:

It’s the same information – just presented in three different ways to meet the needs of the customer consuming the information.

Watch this video, it’s important. You may want to rethink the way you consume information. I’ll give you a quick hint, you save a bundle when you rent!

Should You Buy Or Rent Information

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