Start Taking Your Own Courses

Imagine you had a client who bought an online course from you and never completed the course or failed to complete any of the quizzes, or assignments.

  • You course instructed her to get her email opt-in page completed – she didn’t.
  • You course instructed her to write the next chapter of her book – she didn’t.
  • You course instructed her to put together a webinar presentation – she didn’t’.

In person it wouldn’t take long before you sat her down for a serious talk about the future of her business. A client who purchased a course from you but isn’t investing in themselves and finishing the course is frustrating.

Have you done the same thing? Have you purchased or taken a course, and never completed the tasks or finished it?

The courses, tasks, quizzes and assignments you create for your online courses are there for a reason.  LearnDash makes it easy to add them, but you have to do the work. Now, before you go thinking I’m being way too hard on you, know this: we all struggle with this very issue. We all push our clients, but forget to push ourselves.

Start treating yourself as the VIP student you want your customer to be.

It’s time to put your business growth ahead of that of your clients. Only by doing what you are asking your students to do will you be able to reach a larger audience, help more people, and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

The simplest way to do this is to take the online courses you create yourself. Re-watch the videos, read the module and lesson text, take the quizzes, do the assignments. Take your admin hat off and experience what your customers do while they take your courses.

Treat your course as an unbreakable requirement, just as you are with a student.

Spend the time going through your own courses after they are finished ensures the continued growth of your business.  Take your own courses and….

  • Remove signup bottlenecks
  • Improve Course Onboarding
  • Confirm the learning objectives of the courses are properly outlined and taught
  • Remove redundant lessons or requirements
  • Ensure any Gamification and certification goals are worthwhile or met
  • Most importantly – double check your followup messaging and up-sell opportunities

In short, do those things you tell your clients to do—the things your own course is advising. Don’t assume the experience your students are having. Elevate yourself to VIP client status and put yourself through the exact steps you are asking your students to take.

Your business will thank you for it.

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