Stupid Membership Ideas

Description: This has got to be the worst idea for membership site owners! I got a lot of feedback from my first rant about membership sites – and the crappy membership sites that are heading our way. How do I know they’re coming? I got an offer today that confirms my suspicions. The business model

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Are Big Physical Home Study Kits Dead?

Description: Hopefully you’ll take this 10 minute audio seriously. I like looking for trends in business. Not to create them but rather profit from them. And that’s what got me started thinking today about the " thud factor". Often referred to as the back end product this big physical high profit, high price tag package

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Really Crappy Membership Sites

Description: Get Ready for a ton of Crappy Membership Sites! Listen in on today’s rant as I explain how to avoid wasting your money on really crappy membership sites. I’m covering both sides of the coin in this 10-minute audio. When you should consider a membership site as part of your business and how to

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A Dirty Marketing Tactic

This Marketing Tactic Really Bugs Me! Every day I get at least one email from an information marketer how uses this dishonest approach in the hope that some unsuspecting prospect will buy from them today. Stop Using This Marketing Tactic! Running Time: 9 Minutes Description: I’m not kidding when I say that this marketing tactic

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Membership Site Campus Checklist


Download our Membership Site Campus Checklist and Learn How To Build Your Membership Site and Sell Courses Online