LearnDash Campus Checklist

Today I have a free training that Coaches, Trainers and Experts have called the most straight forward plan for building a learning business online.

It’s called – “Course Selling Blueprint”

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • The Very First Step any Expert or Entrepreneur Must Take Before Considering Selling Courses
  • How To Turn a Course Into a Real Learning Business– Learn the difference between a membership site and learning campus and how both can be used to your advantage. This makes recurring revenues simple and easy to do.
  • 7 Ways To Earn Money With Your Courses -Understand the different business models and the best way to structure your members payments stand out. Follow along as I explain where and how to take payments in detail.
  • How to Create a Compelling Courses with Engaging Content – I will show you how to setup a Google-friendly sitemap that will update on its own.

It’s a real guide to turning what you know into a rock-solid learning business. Follow the same steps that let me grow and scale my practice for 20 years working with great clients to get them amazing results.

AND how how you can do the same even if you’re pressed for time, hate technology, and have no idea how to create an online course.

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